Adapt Unlimited - Principles

Our core principles

We believe software and platforms are at their best when they have to consistently compete and innovate for their customer's business.

We created our principles to guide our practice to ensure we always have your best interest at heart.

1) Always open source

We believe in always using open source software. The core of both the Adapt Framework and authoring tool is open source. We never make any closed source modifications to these two products.

This ensures that courses built in Adapt Unlimited are fully interchangeable with courses built in any other version of open source Adapt.

2) Frictionless import and export

When you use Adapt Unlimited you have full ownership of your courses both now and in the future. If you do decide to stop using our service, you can request to export your data to either your version of Adapt or another hosted solution.

We will support you by offering export features, both at the course and database level.

3) Respecting your privacy

We will never track the data of your users, content or customers. Once you are set up, you have complete control over what you do with your Adapt service. You can add and remove users and install community plugins or even create your own private ones. The freedom is yours.