The world's most powerful authoring tool

Your team should be able to easily create beautiful, responsive and on brand e-learning.

That's why Adapt was created.

Introducing Adapt

Adapt is the award-winning, open source e-learning authoring tool.

It has led the movement away from old-school, rectangular, e-learning to modern, beautiful and responsive HTML5 content. Pages instead have deep scrolling that meets the expectation of today's learners.

Adapt Unlimited

Adapt Unlimited is the simple approach to using Adapt. No coding required.

You and your team can work and collaborate on a shared authoring tool stored on a secure, lightning-fast server.

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Why Adapt?

The most interactions

Adapt has more interactions than any other authoring tool on the market. As well as the core plugins that come with Adapt, you can also download and use over 100 community plugins that enhance your courses in unimaginable ways. Whether you need SCORM or xAPI, gamification or Google Analytics, branching or Brightcove.

Build on brand

Adapt themes are powerful. Where other authoring tools provide only limited options, Adapt offers huge choice in fonts, colours and styling, which can be applied on every page or menu. No more compromising on your corporate brand guidelines.

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Trusted by the best

Adapt is supported and used by some of the most successful e-learning agencies across the world.

Courses built in Adapt often sweep the awards at industry trade shows, due to how powerful and customisable it is.

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Everything you love about the Cloud…

Adapt Unlimited is delivered through the cloud.

Your courses synched across every computer you use and shareable with every team member, without the need for software keys or installing on your computer.

Collaborate with your team in real time, regardless if they are next to you in the office, working from home or even in another time zone.

…Without platform lock-in

Adapt is open source, with full import and export functionality. No matterer what the future may hold you will always have access and control of your courses.

Our three principles guide how we handle decisions regarding our customer's data, ensuring we always have your best interests at heart.

Our principles
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Transparent and flat pricing

Adapt Unlimited was built for teams. That’s why we got rid of the per author model for a single price for all your team.

We don't think you should be be charged extra for scaling up your team or bringing on freelancers.


7.94x faster than the market leader

With Adapt Unlimited we wanted a no-compromise Adapt experience that we would want to use for our own production. We host our customers on their own private Adapt server, rather than a shared one.

The result of this is build times are almost eight times faster in Adapt Unlimited than Adapt Builder.

Test was performed at 13:00GMT 12th December. was performed three times on each environment using the Vanilla theme and Box Menu with a single text component. Each test was performed as a "full rebuild". Timing began when the preview button was pressed and ended when the menu page was visible. Adapt Builder recorded 32.86s, 29.57s and 32.14s, averaging 31.52s. Adapt Unlimited recorded 4.06s, 4.00s and 3.84s, averaging 3.97s.

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Brought to you by Adapt Freelancer

Adapt Unlimited is a product of Adapt Freelancer. We provide premium services to teams using Adapt. Whether its by creating a custom theme, bespoke plugin or providing guidance.

If you are interested in learning more, go to our site.

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