Adapt Unlimited offers full access to Adapt to your whole team at a single price point. We don't charge you more to scale up your content development team.

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Hosting only
Includes training
Team licence price$110 / £80$245 / £175Contact us
Authoring accountsRather than charging you per author we charge a single flat rate for your whole team to use Adapt UnlimitedUp to 20 authorsUp to 20 authorsUnlimited authors
Unlimited course creationUnlike other Adapt providers, you have full access to all of Adapt's featuresYesYesYes
Storage spageAn average Adapt course in 20mb10gb50gb100gb+
Your own private serviceWe set you up with your own authoring environment so that you have the fastest Adapt experience and ensuring you full control over the plugins you useYesYesYes
Regular version updatesWe will update your service at least twice a year to the latest version of AdaptYesYesYes
Daily backupsWe run a backup on your data every day so if a mistake was made you can roll-back to the start of the day.YesYesYes
End user training SessionsRolling out a new system to your team can be a tricky task. We can help make sure they hit the ground runningNoneTwo every three monthsFace to face available
SupportWe support your team whilst they are using Adapt and assist with any issues along the wayTechnical supportPremium supportCustom support plan
Custom development discountOur sister company - Adapt Freelancer, offers a discount to Adapt Unlimited subscribers looking for a custom theme or plugin10% discount20% discount25% discount
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Price excludes 20% VAT which will be automatically applied for all UK customers. Customers outside of the UK are responsible for paying their own regional taxes.

For monthly customers, payment is collected through credit card. Annual customers can pay by credit card or invoice.

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch.